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At your restaurants, cafes and Bars; you can reduce your Paper Menu and Service Staff costs while increasing your Customer Satisfaction with Millenium Menu Application.
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How System Works?

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Millenium Menu is an application which is developed by CTU Teknoloji A.Ş. For all cafes, bars and restaurant's to earn time and money. Speeding up the workflow and ordering system and make them more reliable.

CTU Teknoloji A.Ş. is software technology company who design, develop and manage web and mobile applications

What are the benefits of Millenium Menu application for your Restaurant?

Customer Satifaction

Product Presentation with HD quality images!
Video! You can create videos of any product that you want to promote and customers can watch these video while searching the menu. You can record the video of special serving methods of the foods to impress your customer.
If any food/beverage item is not available. You can instantly de-activate it from a digital menu. Which will not create any unnecessary hopes for valuable customers
Thanks to User Friendly Interface enables your customers to view the product details easily.
View HD Digital Pictures of your each Products.
Customer can check their bill at any time
Customer can share the products by reading the QR with their own devices share it from their own socail media accounts, such as Facebook, twitter, Pinterest...etc. to protect the privacy of their accounts not to be used in public devices.
Customer can see the ingredients of the product, calorie values, allergen details etc. to feel safe

Financial Benefits

You can ramp up your sales up to %15 with HD quality images and Videos!
Eliminate the cost of new menu printing every time you want to update your menu.
You do not need to print new menu once you update it. At any time, you can update your menu so you will eliminate the printing cost.
Reduce number of waiters so major waiters’ salary cost goes down drastically
if you don't know different language, don't worry! Millenium menu Multi Language Option make your service available to foreigners up to any language you want to add in. NO different language printing cost and foreign language speaking waiter is needed any more...
You can create instant promotions that you want to expedite the sales of those products.
You can easily check out high runner and low runner products from our reports section and it helps you re-organise your menu and material procurement accordingly.
At any time, you can add, delete or edit items in your menu.
You will have detailed report. Such as, best seller, worst seller items, daily or monthly basis of sales analysis..etc. According the data you receive, you will update and improve your menu accordingly.

Staff Benefits

Waiters no need to stand near customers while taking an order.
You give better service to your customers with few waiters
Eliminates the missing orders.
if you are using the system online mode then waiters are not obligated to explain the order to the kitchen, system will automatically send the orders to the kitchen.
Orders are being sent to kitchen on chronological order, by this way all the orders will be served on time.

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